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Spiderflex bike seat allows seniors to bike comfortablyHealth Benefits of Cycling for Seniors

For most seniors, retirement and trying to improve your health go hand in hand. One of the best things you can do to stave off heart disease, cancer, and other chronic diseases is to hop on a bike. Bicycling is FUN! And it doesn't have to be a chore like your average exercise program. You can do it nearly anywhere; you can find bike trails in the country or the city.

Best of all, to boost your health benefits with a regular biking program, you don't have to become a complete fanatic. A bike ride of a decent length a few times per week will give you all the health benefits you require without that gym club membership.

Reduced Mortality Rates and Reduced Cancer Risk

According to the paper "The Health Benefits of cycling: a systematic review", studies demonstrated a strong correlation between commuter cycling and decreased all-cause and cancer mortality rates in middle-aged to elderly subjects. Cycling boosts heart health, lets you lose weight more quickly, and keeps your muscles in shape, all of which contribute to a longer life span and a healthier lifestyle.

Spiderflex bike seat lets seniors bike safely and without discomfortStave Off Diabetes by Trimming Your Waistline

Whether you've been diagnosed as a diabetic or you are just looking to keep the disease at bay, cycling is one of the best ways to whittle down belly fat and raise your metabolism.

A study by the Harvard School of Public Health showed that premenopausal women who cycled for just a few minutes a day gained 1.5 fewer pounds than women who did not bike over the course of the study. If they boosted their ride to 30 minutes, they gained 3.5 fewer pounds than women in the control group.

Is it Safe for Seniors?

Concerns about increasing brittleness of bones and the likelihood of a heart attack maykeep some seniors from getting on a bike. There is no need for concern unless your doctor specifically tells you to stay off your bike.

Studies have shown that the benefits from cycling outweigh the potential risks by a ratio of 20:1. The chances that you will end up in a serious accident on a bike are far less than the chances you have of being injured driving your car. As with any exercise, you should consult with your doctor if you have any health conditions that you should consider before starting a new exercise regime.

Cycling is Economical

If you are living on a fixed income, it can be easy to hole up in your house to conserve funds. Bicycles don't use any gas and the only price you pay is occasional maintenance and the initial cost of purchasing your bike. Cycling is not just good for your own health, its good for the environment and an excellent choice for the health of the planet!

Take a Cycling VacationBike comfortably with the Spiderflex bike saddle

Retired seniors, and those close to retirement, look forward to that long deserved vacation! Bicycling vacations are a great way to really see a country rather than just being confined to a schlocky tourist area. On a cycling vacation, you can watch the fields roll by in Tuscany, bike through your favourite wine country in France, or see the green hills of Ireland from a bike.

Companies like Backroads make it easy to fit into the right skill level by offering easy and regular biking vacations, but you should train yourself up by going on bike rides of the same lengths as those you'll be experiencing on your tour. Getting in physical shape in advance of your trip, even if it's just on a stationary bike, will help both your mind and body adjust to the new experience. Bike touring companies also provide the bikes and equipment so you don't have to deal with the hassle, and the logistics of bringing your own bike, making the trip even more enjoyable!

Ergonomic seat design by Spiderflex is comfortable for seniorsLife Benefits of Cycling

Whatever your reasons for getting on a bike, you'll quickly find it to be a highly addictive sport! An active cycling life leads to new experiences, new sights, new friends, and even a new fantastic body. There's no reason to not get on a bike, and every reason to try it. So c’mon seniors, let’s get biking!

More Comfort With the Spiderflex Seat

One of the main complaints of cyclists is a problem with the design of regular bicycle seats. They cause numbness in the groin area and that "numb bum" sensation can turn to pain very quickly for those who go on longer bike rides.

Spiderflex's hornless bike seat lets you go on long rides without this unpleasant side effect and our patended design provides greater comfort. Testimonials from our Spiderflex riders show improved comfort with our ergonomic saddle design, particularly when recovering from surgery and being encouraged to use bicycling as a form of exercise or physiotherapy.

Spiderflex noseless bike seatA Noseless Saddle Solves Some Big Problems: Study

In the spring of 2006, Spiderflex Bike Components provided 40 Spiderflex REC saddles to Dr. Steven Schrader and his NIOSH TEAM for the research study of nose-less bike saddles. These Spiderflex REC saddles were distributed to bike patrol police officers from five US metropolitan regions that participated in the study.
Dr. Steven Schrader authored a study published on the beneficial effects of these noseless bicycle saddles in a 2008 issue of The Journal of Sexual Medicine. In his study, ninety police officers who rode bikes in their daily duties were examined using both traditional bicycle seats and noseless bicycle saddles.
The findings showed that the lack of contact in the perineal region from using a noseless saddle led to an increase in erectile function, likely due to an increase in vascular flow to the penis, and penile numbness decreased substantially using the noseless bicycle seats. 97% of the police officers involved in the study continued to use their noseless saddles on completion of the study.

The Spiderflex REC bicycle seat isn’t just more comfortable for extended rides on your bike. If you are a male cyclist, it can help prevent enlargement of your prostate and development of diseases of the prostate. The Spiderflex REC bike saddle can also help with erectile dysfunction, particularly if you use your bike daily or for long trips.

The Spiderflex REC bike saddle is ergonomically designed to address the problems of groin numbness and pain, and reduce prostate compression. Our patented design shifts the body's weight onto the "sit bones" where it belongs, removing the pressure from the genital nerve and artery which is also important for women.

Spiderflex hornless bike seatThe design of the Spiderflex REC saddle puts absolutely no pressure on the groin area. The load pressure is redistributed to the buttock area, where our seat pad slots "cradle" your sit-bones. This takes the pressure off the lower back and groin and ensures that you are always sitting comfortably on your bike saddle.


Spiderflex Bike Components ensures a high-quality product that directly addresses the needs of male riders. Our patented saddles are engineered specifically with your comfort in mind. The craftsmanship that goes into each saddle is second to none and is far superior in quality to anything that you may find in your local bike shop. Our seats are retailed from our website where we can communicate directly with our customers if any questions arise.

Your Full Money-Back Warranty

Spiderflex warrants that your seat will be free from defects in material and workmanship for a period of one year from the date of purchase for the original owner. If there are any defects in craftsmanship or material, we will happily take back the saddle and refund you the full purchase price. 

30 Day Return Policy

You can try the saddle out with our 30 day money back guarantee. Try it out!  If it doesn't work out for you, just return the saddle and only pay the shipping and handling.  


Tim Stephenson - Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

No pain I can ride again… Having just purchased a semi-recumbent, which solved my shoulder and wrist dis-comfort, I was determined to locate a better seat. After a short search on the “net” I found the Spiderflex. In a very short time the seat arrived and after some minor adjustments I was riding without the numbness associated with my previous seat. A “bent” rider sits in a reclined position so the seat needed to be moved to the proper angle...something that is easily done using just one wrench and a couple of test rides.

Thanks Spiderflex for taking away the pain.

Spiderflex bike seat allows senior to ride comfortably without numbness


I am a woman in my mid-sixties who enjoys staying fit by doing long-distance bicycling (40-60 mile rides and 7-10 day tours) I had been having serious deep pain in my right buttock over the past couple of years whenever I rode more than 15 miles. I tried several different saddles with no improvement. A recent X-ray of my pelvic bones revealed that there is a 0.75 in. knob on the bottom of my right sit bone, a calcium/bone deposit due to a pelvic fracture many years ago. The orthopedic doctor, who is a bicyclist, didn't give me much hope for continuing the long-distance riding that I love, so I searched online for alternative bike seats. When I saw the Spiderflex saddle with the two cutouts for sit bones, I reasoned that the knob of bone would project into the cutout section and relieve the pressure in that area.

It worked! It only took me a couple of rides to become accustomed to the slanted seat. Now I don't even think about it, and I have no more pain. The shock is wonderful -- riding on bumpy roads has never been more comfortable! Last month, I rode with the Spiderflex saddle for the week-long, 300 mile Great Ohio Bicycle Adventure (GOBA), facing heavy head winds each day. Recently, I rode 66 miles in very hilly terrain. In both situations, I was carrying about 45 lb. of gear, in training for an upcoming 380-mile ride in the northwestern part of the US and Canada.

I also appreciate the personalized service (tips and advice) I have received from the company, as well as the prompt delivery of the saddle. Kudos to the Spiderflex Company for a well-engineered saddle and a big thank-you for giving me back my bicycling life!

Spiderflex seat for women is more comfortable  Spiderflex seat makes long bike rides more comfortable

Have a look at what more of our Spider Riders have to say about the most comfortable bike seat they’ve ever ridden! Order yours today!

Spiderflex seat allows seniors to bike againThe Dependable, Durable Bike Seat !

  • Super-tough, all-weather polyurethane seat pads
  • High-grade polished stainless steel frame
  • Comfortable pre-loaded suspension system

The New Generation Bike Saddles !

  • Comfortable ergonomic saddle design
  • Fits standard seat posts and clamps
  • Easy installation

Spiderflex bike seat helps  seniorsComfortable Ergonomic Bicycle Seats !

  • Comfortable ergonomic bicycle seats for all bike riders
  • Wide seat area for better weight distribution
  • Ergonomic center relief eliminates pelvic/perineal pressure
  • Ventilated seat slots reduce heat/moisture buildup
  • Cradles your "sit-bones" to alleviate pressure points
  • Eliminates chafing on the inner thigh area
  • Comfortable "long ride" suspension system
  • Works great on trainers and exercise bikes

Spiderflex bike saddle

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